FolderGlance is part of TheMacBundles' October 2011 Bundle

Tromsø, Norway, September 27. 2011


Summary: Yellow Lemon Software's powerful file and folder navigation tool FolderGlance is on sale as part of TheMacBundles' October bundle, along with 9 other great titles.

FolderGlance and TheMacBundles October 2011 bundle

Yellow Lemon Software is pleased to announce that its powerful file and folder navigation tool FolderGlance is on sale as part of TheMacBundles October 2011 bundle, available for purchase immediately and on sale until the 23rd of October.

FolderGlance is a plugin for the Finder which enables file and folder navigation directly from the Finder's contextual menu. Files can be previewed from within the menu, as well as moved or copied to folders the user navigates to. Custom scripts enable users to perform tasks directly from the context menu, enabling functionality such as displaying the disk usage of the current selection in the Finder. As part of TheMacBundles, users get the latest version of FolderGlance, which usually retails for $20, and 9 other titles for only $39.95.

The bundle is available for purchase immediately from, and includes other great titles such as Cute Clips, TopXNotes and UberMask. Four of the titles in the October bundle including FolderGlance are Macworld Gems. TheMacBundles is unique in the Mac bundle market with its focus on high-value bundles where the developers of the bundled software end up with the lion's share of the profits - rather than the middle-men, as is more often the case. Users always get the latest versions of all apps on offer, with the same license and upgrade benefits as users paying the full price for the applications. The October bundle offers savings of $330, almost 90%, on the list price of the applications.

To read more about FolderGlance, watch a screencast or view screenshots of FolderGlance in action, visit the FolderGlance web site:

Industry and User Reactions

FolderGlance has received much praise from the Mac community since its release. In a review for Macworld's Mac Gems section, Dan Frakes writes: "It's a more-focused alternative to FinderPop that some people may find easier to use," giving it 4 out of 5 mice. The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) declared FolderGlance to be one of their "Friday Favorites," and Mac360 calls it "...a Mac power user's file and folder dream utility." Users agree, handing out high ratings, with comments like "FolderGlance is so valuable and works so flawlessly, that every time I use it (which is all the time!) I wonder why the Mac Operating System doesn't come with it already built in..." and "brilliant!"

Pricing and Availability

The trial version of FolderGlance is available for download here:

The current version of FolderGlance is 3.0.2. The trial version requires an Intel-based Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Lion is fully supported. Earlier versions of FolderGlance are also available for Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. More information can be found on the FolderGlance product page:

The bundle can be bought for $39.95 along with additional Weekly Specials here:

Screenshot and screencast

A screenshot of FolderGlance being used to preview an image from the Finder's context menu is shown below. A full-size version of the screenshot is available here:

A screencast presenting FolderGlance's features can be watched on the FolderGlance page, or downloaded here (28 megabytes):

About Yellow Lemon Software

Yellow Lemon Software is run by Norwegian Mac-developer Daniel Stødle, and has been developing and publishing software for the Macintosh since 1996. In addition to FolderGlance, Daniel Stødle is the developer of Screen Sieve, a utility that enables users to search the contents of their currently active window, and open source software including Ping Tunnel. He also does research on parallel and distributed systems focusing on high-resolution tiled display walls.