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The /Volumes/MobileBackups directory Mon, Jul 25 2011 14:04

Lion's release introduces a small but annoying bug that manifests in FolderGlance. If you have selected to show mounted volumes in either the context menu or the menu extra, you will get all mounted volumes, as well as a volume whose name consists of seemingly random characters:

This volume is actually the new "MobileBackups" volume, created and maintained by Time Machine. According to John Siracusa's review of Lion on Ars Technica, this volume is actually an NFS-mounted network volume, which is confirmed when running the mount-command:

/dev/disk0s2 on / (hfs, local, journaled)
devfs on /dev (devfs, local, nobrowse)
map -hosts on /net (autofs, nosuid, automounted, nobrowse)
map auto_home on /home (autofs, automounted, nobrowse)
localhost:/DOeN59ypHYcKHEzVPFLU0q on /Volumes/MobileBackups ...

So the mount path, "/Volumes/MobileBackups" has a nice, human-readable name, whereas the path to the network volume seems to be where things are getting screwed up. For some reason, FolderGlance picks the wrong part of the name to display. Why?

To support localized file-, application- and folder-names, FolderGlance filters any name it will display to users through a function called LSCopyDisplayNameForRef(). For most English users, this doesn't matter much, since display names and actual file names are usually the same. However, for international users it's an important feature; instead of seeing an unfamiliar directory structure (especially in home directories and when listing the contents of the /Applications folder), application and folder names will appear in their local language - at least where available.

It turns out that it's the use of the LSCopyDisplayNameForRef() function that causes this annoying UI issue in FolderGlance. Two out of the three APIs provided by Apple to convert paths to display names provide the desired name (MobileBackups), while the third returns an incorrect display name (the random character string). The two working APIs are:

  • NSFileManager's displayNameForPath:
  • LSCopyDisplayNameForURL

Obviously, the non-working API is LSCopyDisplayNameForRef. I've submitted this bug to Apple as bug ID 9833110. While I wait for Apple to fix it, I've added some custom code to handle the case of /Volumes/MobileBackups, which is included in the just-released version 3.0.2 of FolderGlance. An option to hide this volume entirely will probably be added in the future. Code to see the behaviour of this bug is available here. You can compile it by executing the following command:
gcc -Wall -framework Cocoa test-displayname.m -o test-displayname

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