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A website in an image Wed, Feb 25 2009 21:02

I recently had the need for a simple tool to render an entire web page and store it to an image file (like a png or a jpeg). I knew that doing this should be very simple using Cocoa, and indeed it was. I have made the code and executable (Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Universal) available for download here. The code is released under the BSD license. The only thing to watch out for is that you need to be logged in to a window server session on Mac OS X in order to use the tool, as it needs a connection to the window server in order to run. Behind the scenes, www2image uses WebKit to render the URL you give it to a WebView, which is then stored to a JPEG.

Usage of the tool is very simple. You can either build it from source, or use the pre-built version (in www2image/build/Release/):

[#] cd path/to/www2image/build/Release
[#] ./www2image -u <URL> [-o output file name]

For instance, to create an image of this page and store it as example.jpg:

[#] ./www2image -u -o example.jpg

Wait for a few seconds while the tool executes, and voila, you'll end up with a picture similar to the one shown below (note that I've resized and cropped this image, since the actual version would have a height of about 4000 pixels):

This site rendered using www2image (note that the actual version renders the entire page in full resolution, not just the top part).

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